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ISDT has dedicated team of Academicians, market researchers, trainers and faculties from diverse streams. We have our proprietary processes and systems to deliver world -class products and services.

We offer world-class training courses as well as various academic, research and development services to:
  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Corporate
  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Organizations

Service Portfolio

  • Market research for specific course or training
  • Feasibility study for new courses
  • Complete course designing
  • Designing syllabus
  • Designing and preparing study materials
  • Training in specific job areas in healthcare
  • Training for front end and ground/ primary (class II, III, IV) staff
  • Identifying training needs of an organization and providing customized training modules
  • Soft skill training for healthcare professionals
  • Consultancy on starting up new courses and institutes in specific primary and allied healthcare sector
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